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Teisho: Hakuin Zenji’s Song of Zazen, Rohatsu Part 4 of 5

February 4, 2016

How boundless and free is the sky of samadhi,
how bright the full moon of the four fold wisdom.
Truly is anything lacking at this moment?
Nirvana is right here before our eyes.
This very place is the lotus land, this very body, the Buddha. – Hakuin


Description: Henry continues his discussion of Hakuin Zenji’s Song of Zazen. He explores the “four-fold wisdom,” which includes “perfect mirror-wisdom,” where all things are seen just as they are, “equality wisdom,” (where all things are one, all beings are Buddha), “wisdom of true perceiving,” (where the fundamental reality is clear), and the “wisdom of true working” (where one can work to benefit all beings). Hakuin calls these four types of wisdom the “one full moon.”  We also learn about Yasutani Roshi, who in his own time, like Hakuin in his, thought contemporary Buddhist practice in Japan was missing the critical component of true experiential awakening.  Yasutani’s efforts at Zen renewal is one element within the roots of the Sanbo Zen lineage. Henry also discusses samadhi and how it makes us more vulnerable to a true experience of prajna. But Samadhi is not awakening, rather, it prepares us for awakening, helping us ripen for authentic experience.

Post Image Credit: Sunflower water drop, by Janet RamsdenCC BY 2.0.
Featured Image Credit: #zazen, by toufeeq hussainCC BY-SA 2.0.

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