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Teisho: Case 45, Book of Equanimity, Phrases from the Engaku Sutra

December 8, 2016

“… Zen process is similar to a house of cards …” ~ Henry Shukman

house of cards

“… We are working on many levels…. unraveling wounds, complexes, patiently sitting, letting it all dissolve in the solvent of deep absorption. We feel it cleaning, purifying us… washing away our delusions …” ~ Henry Shukman

Case 45: Four Phrases from the Engaku Sutra

“At all times, you do not raise the delusive mind.
When there are all kinds of illusory thoughts, you do not extinguish them.
Dwelling in the delusory state of mind, you do not add understanding.
Where there is no understanding, you do not distinguish the truth.”

Description: These four phrases come from the “Complete Enlightenment Sutra”, a 50 plus page sutra. This talk explores each of the phrases as good solid practice advice. But as koans, their meaning and intent is quite different. The talk looks at them through the lens of Mu.  Listen to this illuminating talk about delusion and truth, and learn how Zen process is similar to a house of cards.

Post & Featured  image: House of Cards by wilheiCCO Public Domain.

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