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Teisho: Continuation Case 50, Book of Equanimity, Seppo’s What Is This?

February 16, 2017

If we could all just reside in our real self, we would be infinite.”

“They are so imponderable, that you cannot ponder them. So what do you do? You sit, and you swallow the koan, and you wait. All things come to those who wait ~ Henry Shukman


Description: Henry delivers this talk on Rohatsu, the auspicious day of Buddha’s awakening.  He states: “Koans can be charming little stories, but are more often interpreted as knots of bewilderment and nonsense”  Actually, they contain the most profound wisdom about human nature, opening up something “deep” within us by showing us how to live on the “groundless ground”. He also describes koans as depth charges released into the waters of the psyche and then erupting, to relieve us of our reality.

In the koan, Henry talks about the differences between Seppo’s awakening journey and Ganto’s journey, illuminating that the point of zen is not to create clones, it is YOU that is wanted. He introduces Kanzeon, the principle of love that infuses every square millimeter of the universe. If we knew this, we would act simply as Kanzeon, no impulse other than loving kindness. The nature of reality is terribly kind, offering the opportunity to rest in peace, ease, and boundless energy if we only just drop what we think we are.

Post & Featured Image : Stone by Devanath, CCO Public Domain.

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