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Teisho: Mindfulness

May 4, 2017


Description: In this episode, Henry talks about mindfulness training in general. Not a week passes that he doesn’t meet someone who is a ‘mindfulness teacher.’ There are online trainings in mindfulness that take only a month to complete. In zen it generally takes at least 20 years for there to be any chance of being a teacher, and many sit for much longer without becoming teachers. Why so? We have found that human beings are deeply trainable. Our brains are wired in infancy and rewired at puberty. But this doesn’t have to be the end of the road. The brain can be “rewired” a third time! Buddha spoke of this third rewiring in terms of putting out the 3 fires of greed, aversion and delusion. Luckily, we have him as a guide who went through this process himself and left behind a sort of blueprint for us to follow ourselves. Henry goes over the blueprint for investigation in more detail in this episode. Are you ready to investigate your Self?.

Post & Featured Image (edited): Scotland by FrankWinkler, CCO Public Domain.

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