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Teisho: Rohatsu: Mu Koan (Part 1 of 5)

January 12, 2017

The great way has no barrier
There are a thousand different roads
If you pass through this barrier once
You will walk this universe alone.
        ~ Mumon


Description: In this opening talk of our Rohatsu sesshin, Henry explores the Why, What and How of the koan Mu, which has come to be called the gateless barrier of the Zen sect.  Henry poses these simple questions:

Why do we do this practice?
What are we looking for?
How do we “find Mu”?

Henry provides several useful techniques to cultivate concentration while working with Mu. Eventually Mu breaks open, “astonishing the heavens, shaking the earth.”  When this happens, using a Christian phrase, we realize we are part of the Magnum Mysterium. Listen to this intriguing and practical teisho on the nature of Mu.

Post & Featured Image: Universe by JanBaby, CCO Public Domain.

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