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Teisho: A Talk on Jesus

March 2, 2017


Description: In this Christmas-time episode, Henry gives a talk on Jesus, departing from his traditional koan-centered teisho. Henry starts by introducing Thomas Merton’s phrase “Virgin Time”… which could also be translated as “new time.” In a non-orthodox interpretation, Henry asks could it be that Jesus’ birth represents this “new time,” where all previous ordering and conditioning is pushed back, a space of… possibility, potential, and hope, just because Jesus has come into the world.

Henry: Isn’t that what it’s like?”
Audience Member: “The clock restarts.”
Henry: “The clock is gone! The clock’s out the window!”

Once the old order has been overthrown, a new order, a new economy, which has been there all along, reveals itself. But Virgin Time must have a refuge. Mary had the manger. Buddha had the Bodhi tree and the great serpent’s hood of mythology. Where is your refuge?.

“Maybe you just get a little sense of it,” asks Henry.

Post & Featured Image : Jesus by Didgeman, CCO Public Domain.

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