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Teisho: Three Treasures and Three Fruits

November 24, 2016

zen garden three treasures

Description: This first talk from the October Introductory Sesshin explores some basic underpinnings of Zen practice, introducing the Three Treasures – Buddha, Dharma, Sangha – and describing how they naturally lead us to the three “fruits of practice”:

Joriki — mindful awareness, which can be further broken down into concentration, clarity and equanimity

Kensho — awakening

Actualization or personalization — living out awakening in ordinary daily life

Buddha’s aim was to uncover what it is to be a human being. He wanted to explore consciousness in a way that might resolve our human condition. Listen to this informative and motivating talk about some basic aspects of Zen practice.

Post  image: Dry Garden in Ryoanji (Kyoto, Japan) by Stephane D’AluCC BY-SA 3.0.
Featured image: Three by KlaiseCCO Public Domain.

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