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Teisho: Yamada Ryoun Roshi: Mountain Cloud Rededication

May 26, 2016

Description: Abbot of Sanbo Zen, Yamada Ryoun Roshi from Kamakura, Japan, gives this talk to an overflowing zendo in honor of Mountain Cloud’s rededication ceremony.  With over a hundred people somehow crowded into the zendo and the lobby, the Roshi recognizes Mountain Cloud founder Philip Kapleau, and expresses his personal aspiration, as Abbot of the Sanbo Zen lineage, for Mountain Cloud to become the North American center for Sanbo Zen activities.  He believes that North America is fertile ground for true Zen’s growth, and that Mountain Cloud is a place to nurture the next generation of Zen practitioners and teachers.  Roshi encourages support for Mountain Cloud’s expansion efforts.


Post & Featured Images courtesy Cherie Manifest.

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