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The Heart’s Longing: Dharma Talk with Ruben Habito (Video)

October 1, 2021

Ruben Habito talks about how to live an awakened life. We are seeking to see what the Buddha saw and wanting to embody and realize what the Buddha came to know. In most all religions we find the same deep heartfelt longing for an infinite and boundless reality that we can never capture in words and concepts. This is the first principle of Zen: realization is beyond all concepts and words.

Ruben Habito is the founding teacher of the Maria Kannon Zen Center is Dallas, TX. He began Zen practice under Yamada Koun in Kamakura, Japan in 1971 when he was a Jesuit seminarian in Japan. He came to Dallas in 1989, and is now married with two grown sons. He is a faculty member at SMU’s Perkins School of Theology where he teaches World Religions and Spirituality, and directs the Spiritual Formation Program.

Photo by RKTKN on Unsplash
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