The Origin Point, Dharma Talk 2 from the Winter Solstice Retreat, 2020

Standing Still is the meaning of solstice…it’s as if the sun stands still.

To explore the origin point of practice, Valerie revisits the Old Plum Tree, Case Zero, from the Transmission of Light Collection. This case is the the Head Chapter which we read on Rohatsu that narrates the awakening of Shakyamuni Buddha and the simultaneous awakening of all existence, past, present and future. Springing from the one branch of the old plum tree, Valerie wanders among some delightful teachings associated with the interdependence of trees and equates practice with photosynthesis.

All dharma talks and Q&A sessions from the Winter Solstice Retreat are available on our YouTube Channel.  Many other talks are also available on the channel. Check it out!

Image: Plums by Couleur, Public Domain, from
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