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The Path

October 7, 2016


The best of the paths is the Eightfold [Path];    
      The best of the truths is the Four [Noble Truths].
The best of qualities is dispassion;
       And the best among god’s and humans
            Is the one with eyes to see.

This is the path
       For purifying one’s vision; there is no other.
Follow it,
       You’ll bewilder Mara
Follow it,
       You’ll put an end to suffering
This is the path I have proclaimed,
       Having pulled out the arrows.



Text from The Dhammapada,  translation by Gil Fronsdil, Shambhala Publications, 2005; page 71

Images:  Tawny Owl, by Flickpicpete, CC by-ND 2.0 and Wild Spaces, by Rennett Stowe, CC by 2.0 both from

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