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Three Fruits of Zen

March 17, 2022

If you can go outside and see the blue sky, you should do it.

Quote from a Ukrainian mother

Zen practice is about cultivating attention, awakening to the emptiness of the separate self, to unconditional belonging, and living out the implications of that realization moment-to-moment in our daily lives. 
Another way of putting this is to go outside, to face this world as it is without exception; to see the blue sky – the vast empty firmament – and therein glimpse who we truly are; then to offer our lives in freedom and compassion for the wellbeing of the whole world. 
This is called the three fruits of Zen.
An ancient tradition, passed on from master to disciple, from generation to generation, and – at the same time – all of it now. Here and now. Awake, aware, alert, alive.
We offer our practice for the peace of the whole world and in uncompromising solidarity for the healing of suffering in all its forms.

Photo image by Mark Petrick

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