Video – Dawning of the New Moon: Beginner’s Mind, Valerie Forstman

Valerie examines beginner’s mind and explores the question”what is Zen?” during our March one-day Introduction to Meditation retreat.

Suzuki Roshi – a Japanese Zen master who brought Zen teaching to America in the mid 20th century – said: Beginner’s mind is the mind of compassion. As Zen practitioners we turn this compassion toward ourselves.

Valerie describes the four motivations that bring people to Zen meditation.

1. Curiosity
2. Seeking well-being
3. Wanting to develop a practice or commit to a spiritual path
4. Looking urgently for answers to the question Who am I?

Suffering brings most of us to practice. The sense that things in our life are fundamentally out of kilter creates an urgency to find clarity about our life.

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Featured image:  New Moon by Ponciano,


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