Video – Love: Encounter of the Heart Retreat, Talk 4, Valerie Forstman

In this final talk from the Encounter of the Heart Retreat, Valerie turns to Love, which knows nothing of rank and order. She looks at a koan from Keizan’s Transmission of Light collection. Keizan is said to have an inscription at the entrance of his zendo (paraphrased), Anyone who wants to gain enlightenment, do not enter.

There is nothing to gain, if there is anything like enlightenment, it’s the living dharma right where you are, right now. This koan records the transmission or the awakening experience of the 41st ancestor after Shakyamuni Buddha. Valerie asks, what is transmission? what is there to transmit? You are already that. She explores this koan.

Case Verse: The mind, the moon, the eyes, the blossoms; beautiful light, beautiful color, opening wide beyond kalpas. Who is playing with them?

All dharma talks and Q&A sessions from the Encounter of the Heart Retreat are available on our YouTube Channel.

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