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Video: The Moment That Still IS …

August 12, 2017

I was given this greatest opportunity of all opportunities – to be a human being. ~ Henry Shukman

Based on his own direct experience of dying without dying, Henry Shukman talks about … the moment that still IS … where there is no seer … nothing but pure awareness.

It is the pivotal  turning point of a human lifetime… the extraordinary shift is possible for us … without a theistic context … the greatest opportunity of all opportunities – to be a human being.


This short video clip is from an upcoming full length feature film on a conversation between Henry Shukman and Chris Hebard about Zen and more.


This clip and the upcoming film is a Stillness Speaks production in association with Mountain Cloud Zen Center. It is produced by Chris Hebard and Henry Shukman. Filmographer (including video editing) is Jonathan Mugford (

Video clip copyright holder is Stillness SpeaksPruett Media, and has been freely made available to Mountain Cloud Zen Center. Thank you!

Image: 1000 of years by Eddi Van W from, CC by-ND 2.0
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