Why Koans? Talk One, Henry Shukman

The sudden awakening sees all distinctions as a partial view – then suddenly a different view shows itself… the gradual way expands the circle of us and them and the sudden path sees that there never was us and them. 

Watch the first talk from our March Why Koans? retreat, led by Henry Shukman.

Henry describes the two paths to awakening, the gradual and the sudden, but focuses on the benefits of the gradual path in this talk. He claims that both paths are valid and complete though Koan training supports the path of sudden awakening. Towards the end of the talk, Henry introduces us to koans and to the simple but penetrating koan from the Book of Equanimity, Roso Faces the Wall.

Featured image: Cosmic Life Cloud Enso, by Janine Ibbotson


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