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Why Koans? Talk Three, Henry Shukman

April 9, 2021

Each moment of our life is like the koan. We study this piece of life; in the controlled setting we can see more of what it really is. When we let go of all our assumptions and preconceptions we find this piece is much more than we could every have imagined.

In this third talk of our Why Koans? March retreat, Henry explores on the benefits of koan study and focuses on Roso Faces the Wall (Case 23 from the Book of Equanimity).

Quoting Henry, While mindfulness practice is about managing ourselves, is it possible, in some way, that we may not fully get resolved? As long as we are not finding the unconditioned well being, we are managing ourselves. Koans may be advising or helping us to let go so we no longer have to be managing.

Featured image: Cosmic Life Cloud Enso, by Janine Ibbotson
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