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Within Practice We Meet Ourselves, Karin Kempe (Video)

September 12, 2022

Guest Speaker Karin Kempe of the Zen Center of Denver joins our Thursday Night Sit to offer a talk on Dogen’s statement, Practice is Enlightenment, Enlightenment is Practice. While this sounds great, it doesn’t always feel easy. We face resistance that comes up over and over again. Karin offers perspective on the Genjokoan and reminds us that the way is already here. It is not contingent on some method of practice, but within us.

Karin Ryuku Kempe has been practicing Zen since 1971, beginning at the Rochester Zen Center with Philip Kapleau Roshi and then with Toni Packer. Ryuku worked as a family physician for 20 years while raising her family. She practiced with Shishin Wick Roshi, dharma heir of Taizan Maezumi Roshi, at the Great Mountain Zen Center, receiving jukai from him in 1997. Karin completed her koan training in 2005 with Danan Henry Roshi at the Zen Center of Denver (ZCD), and served as an assistant teacher until receiving dharma transmission in 2010. Karin also completed her training with Shishin Roshi and received inka from him in January 2019. She currently serves as co-spiritual director of the ZCD, along with Peggy Metta Sheehan.

Photo by Mark Petrick

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