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Sangha Meeting Minutes from October 30, 2021

October 30, 2021 Sangha Meeting Minutes The meeting was held on zoom. 48 attendees were present. Agenda approved by those present Minutes from the May 15, 2021 sangha meeting were also approved. Teacher’s Reports Henry and Valerie’s reports are attached at the end of these minutes. Interim Executive Director’s Report Our new website is practically […]

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Q&A Webinar for the Rohatsu Retreat, Saturday November 20, 10am MT

Curious about attending an extended meditation retreat? Join Henry and Valerie on Saturday November 20 at 10am MT. Learn about the 6-day Rohatsu retreat at Mountain Cloud.   Meditators from all traditions are invited to our deep winter retreat! Each year the Rohatsu Sesshin that happens in December brings together practitioners from all walks of […]

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Original Love Weekend: November 27-28

Original Love Weekend Retreat November 27-28 10am – 3pm MT Online only Recordings available for people who can’t attend live This is a thrilling and potentially life changing weekend, where we’ll be immersing ourselves in practices and perspectives designed to help us get tastes of Original Love itself. We’ll be investigating our deeper nature in […]

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Message from Henry: At Rest

I read somewhere that Einstein once said that the “happiest thought in the universe” was that bodies moving through space experience themselves as being at rest.  Take us. We’re traveling at 1,000 mph right now (if we’re on the equator; slightly less on other latitudes), as our earth revolves on its axis. We’re also hurtling […]

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