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A Precious Path, by Henry Shukman (Video)

Henry describes the heartbreak and profound love that goes along with completely letting go. He further talks about finding a spiritual path and begins with a short reading from Dostoevsky’s The Brother’s Karamazov which includes: Every one of us has sinned against all people…. everyone is really responsible to all people, for all people and […]

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Message from Henry: Step into the Unkown

There are maps of practice. The six paramitas, the eightfold path, the seven factors of awakening, Zen’s ox-herding pictures. But from the point of view of our own practice, the real map of our own journey is only ever seen in retrospect. The map appears behind us, after we have taken a step.  The forward […]

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Message from Henry: Peace

Practice is not just about clearing the mind, or tasting stillness, or coming into stillness. The point isn’t a negative: to be without thoughts or without movement. The point is to know the peace, fulfillment, the gentle joy, the intrinsic wellbeing, that is here already, before we have done anything. The stillness, the quiet – […]

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Dealing with Desire, Talk 2 of 4

How will we know when we have mastered desire? Tranquility marked by a sense that we are lucky to be living whatever life we happen to be living. ~ Dr Bill Irvine Second Talk from the Original Love One Retreat. Henry continues to explore the many facets of original love through zen practice and present […]

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Love in Present Moment Experience, Talk 1 of 4

Henry opens this first talk in the August Original Love 1 Retreat by looking at the word Love, one of the most loaded, variously understood and widely used word in the English language. Henry explores a facet of Love that and manifests as a deep inner journey into who we really are. Henry describes this journey […]

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Intro to Meditation Weekend: October 10-11

Join us for this introductory weekend retreat, led by Valerie Forstman.  This short virtual retreat is designed to offer guidance and support for those new to Zen retreats. It will be geared to helping less experienced meditators acclimate to extended periods of sitting and begin to go deeper with their practice. Saturday and Sunday October […]

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The New Bodhisattva Path, Talk by David Loy

David Loy finds hope for new possibilities within our many global challenges….  We may ask, how do we find hope and what can we possibly do? According to a Zen Koan, when the master is asked what are all the awakened people doing? the response is simple:  Responding appropriately.  David adds, our practice isn’t about […]

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Message from Henry: A Simple Friend

Can we befriend the one square yard of our sitting mat? That is the challenge, and the invitation.  The wall before us. The seat beneath us, that we sense in the lower body. Sounds all around, close and far off, and in between. Breath lightly coming and going, thoughts coming and going. Feelings stirring like […]

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