“At Home with Uncertainty”
Retreats for Teachers, Leaders and Caregivers

A day devoted to learning how to grow and flourish in uncertainty

Flexibility To Go Online for Fall Events

Registration and Fees

Fall 2020 schedule and pricing are to be determined.

Who Will Attend and What Is Needed

Teachers at all grade levels, administrators, staff, social workers, caregivers, youth workers, and social service providers make up our typical audience. No prior experience with mindfulness is required. Beginners, or those with an established practice, or any of the 800 graduates of RGMI programs are all welcome – as are teaching teams from the same school.

For online events, all you need is a computer with access to Zoom. Detailed information will be emailed when you register, including suggestions about how to create a reasonably private space for the day. In-person retreats occur in the serene atmosphere of  the Mountain Cloud Zen Center and include a delicious and healthy vegetarian lunch. We’ll also provide an outline of the day. It will indicate activities, both indoors and outdoors, as well as break times. Whether it be a “virtual retreat” at home, (even with others in the house and barking dogs), or in person at Mountain Cloud, it promises to be a rewarding and useful experience!

Curriculum for the day

  • An orientation to chaos and uncertainty that promotes growth and resilience
  • Meditation practices to access the present moment
  • Addressing “mind wandering,” one of the dominant features of mental stress
  • Identifying body sensations and mental experiences that go with stress
  • Trauma-sensitive approaches to difficult emotions
  • Easy physical movement you can do at home to calm the nervous system
  • Practicing mindful dialogue for transforming interpersonal stress
  • Playful approaches to mindfulness and present moment awareness, some of which you can try out with your students
  • Individual plans to carry the training forward into your personal life and the virtual classroom
  • A set of resources including guided mindfulness practices, samples of classroom curricula, and more

Message from Henry Shukman

Please click here for a video welcome from Henry.

Our Commitment to Diversity

RGMI is committed to welcoming people of color, members of the LGBTQI community, people with disabilities, and other underrepresented communities in New Mexico and beyond. We cultivate diversity of race, class, age, gender and identity in our faculty. RGMI welcomes everyone seeking to end suffering and cultivate happiness.


Why We’re Going Online Now

Teachers, leaders, and caregivers are coping with an armful of new stressors as they make the shift to working remotely. Not only are they witness to the struggles of their students, staff and clients, many have their own childcare and homeschooling needs, a flurry of communications to manage, and concerns about the safety of their extended family and the world at large. “It’s exhausting and overwhelming for many,” said RGMI co-director, John Braman.

For ideas about how to help out, he turned to his Committee of Advisors, all graduates of RGMI’s Heart of Teaching program. He also polled 180 recent graduates, and asked for advice from LANL Foundation’s Doris Rivera, director of professional development. The main takeaway? Create an online experience that is interactive and innovative, as close to hands-on as possible.

The result was “At Home with Uncertainty,” a daylong online retreat featuring Henry Shukman, RGMI’s beloved lead teacher, co-director John Braman, movement specialist Helen Young, and experiential specialist Sarah Giffin. The event included guided meditations, outdoor walking, dialogue, fun, and break times. Overall, our focus is on growing and flourishing in uncertain times, as well as mindful tools for managing stress as part of a self-care program. Also included are practical tips about how to incorporate mindfulness into the virtual workplace. Worried about everyone hearing the barking dog during your online experience? No worries, participants will learn Zoom’s mute function!

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