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Dharmatalk: Being Open to Help

August 1, 2021

“… to learn to surrender to forces beyond our control ...”

“… From the Zen point of view, every moment is holy ...”

Description: In continuing the discussion about levels of Zen practice, tHenry looks at the level of tariki, “other power.” Whether we adhere to a religious outlook or not, it is easy to see how our existence depends on the functioning of many and various organisms and processes. Amidst the widespread uncertainty of the pandemic, we are faced with a rare opportunity to let go of our need for everything to be just so, and to learn to surrender to forces beyond our control.

And, here’s a link to our YouTube video of this talk.

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August 7 Saturday Morning Stillness: Learn to Meditate

The class with Valerie Forstman will include detailed meditation instruction, a talk by Valerie, an opportunity to ask questions and several periods of meditation. If you are brand new to meditating, want to hone your posture, or need support focusing your practice, this is a good class for you.

August 14-15 Original Love Weekend Retreat

This virtual weekend with Henry Shukman will bring together the zones of mindfulness, support and meditative absorption into a comprehensive approach to healing and awakening. We will also begin to explore the fourth “zone” of practice – awakening.

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