{AUDIO} Mindful Meditation Starters

Here are some “meditation starters” to help you get started – and get settled – in meditation.

We recommend that you set up on a chair or on a cushion, and then play these one by one (in the displayed sequence). Use them to start up your practice sessions either at home or at work. Please choose a quiet place where you are unlikely to be disturbed, switch off your phone, and drop in. By all means allow yourself to sit longer than the recording itself, as your schedule permits. Enjoy.


1. This first audio in our series of “meditation starters” helps you get down the basics of sitting mindfully in meditation. We recommend listening to this one first. It should give you all you need to start actually having a practice on your own. {7:13 minutes}

2. Setting up a good posture;  3 pointed structure to our foundations, a tripod… balanced, relaxed alignment of the body. {7:45 minutes}

3. Using a subtle swaying movement to establish your position and find stillness – a technique recommended by the 13th century Zen Master Dogen. {4:43 minutes}

4. Using a gentle rotation movement to help set your position, establish alignment and find stillness. {7:31 minutes}

5. Counting breaths, using this ancient meditation tradition to “observe the fact that we humans are breathing beings.” {6:33 minutes}

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